SLVone ecosystem

SLVone is the first decentralized silver market in the world,
where the users from everywhere on the globe can mint, trade and redeem their silver bullion.


Do you have SLV tokens? With SLV, you have the superpower to mint the silver token via
Minter Smart Contract on SLVone ecosystem. You can also trade and redeem real Silver Bullion in the matter of seconds.
Learn more a bout the smart contract and start participating with one of the following exchanges.

Token Information

Token name The Silverlink Network Token
Token type ERC20
Add The Silverlink Network Token (SLV) to your Wallet (MyEtherWallet, Metamask…)
Token Contract Address 0xdD2634908c54139964e316B6953818b043120b63
Token symbol SLV
Decimals of Precision 18


Now, you can trade SLV on DEXs
SLV will be listed on big exchanges soon